summer end/fall preview

As most of you can assume from the date of my last post, I’ve been busy….I mean BUSY. I hate straying away from my work especially when I’m trying to devote time to it but life happened and I didn’t have much control over that. So now that I’m back I’d love to talk about a few things that have been going through my brain.


First thing’s first (I’m the realist)….do you see what I did there? Thanks Iggy. Okay moving on, so the summer in NYC/the East Coast was BRUTAL for me. I really don’t know how people do it. All of the natives told me it wasn’t that hot, honey I beg to differ. 95 and humid in the city is UNBEARABLE, we’ll see how long this arrangement lasts. However I did get to travel a little bit this summer which I really didn’t think was going to happen. Waiting almost ALL summer to go away, I escaped to beautiful Montauk for a long weekend and let me tell you….it was PERFECT. Warm salty air, sun on my skin, and some major relaxation was the cure to my summer blues.

photo 4
We introduce the new pup to the beach this weekend!

photo 2

Montauk Yacht Club at sunset is now one of my favorite places

photo 1

The sunsets we’re out of control!

photoSo after soaking up the sun, making a few pit stops by the Sloppy Tuna, the Surf Lodge, & the Montauk Yacht Club I wasn’t ready to go back to reality luckily I only had about two weeks before I escaped to Boston & New Hampshire for some much needed family time. You know how some people go blueberry picking in Maine, apple picking in New Hampshire, and foliage hunting in Massachusetts? Yeah me either but I was one of those people! Sorry to brag, not really though, but yes I did all of those. Oh and don’t forget the lobstah! Spending the weekend with nature is sometime the best medicine. Although I would’ve loved to spend every penny on Newbury Street in Boston, I think I’ll save it for another time.



So now that summer is finally over it’s time to start looking towards what fall will bring. Comfy clothes, boots, scarves, the best food and warm drinks! I think everyone has a special place for fall in their hearts whether they like it or not. Keep checking the blog for new posts on fall outfits & beauty, you won’t be disappointed. Check out what I’ve created on Pinterest and stay tuned for more.



xo n


Summer Makeup: Products to save your skin!

Summer Makeup: Products to save your skin!

I knew moving to the east coast would be a challenge in more ways than one. The weather, the dirt of the city, and most importantly the WEATHER. I traded dry California heat for sticky NYC heat and let me … Continue reading

My latest obsession: the NutriBullet

Okay okay it’s been a while, I know. Life got in the way a little bit. So I’m here to rant and rave about my latest obsession: my NutriBullet. Now that I’m in my new space and living without a Vitamix, I was dying without a blender. I’ve used the original MagicBullet in the past and loved it! It’s perfect for the single serving smoothie, homemade salad dressing, or better yet baby food! I went back and forth between the MagicBullet & NutriBullet and ultimately decided on the NutriBullet because it has a little more power and options to make soups and 1

Another reason my obsession to get a new blender so fast was because of my recent discovery of an almond butter shake that I’ve found at two of my fave spots in NYC. Juice Generation & Terri have perfected a smoothie that has a mixture of almond butter, banana, coconut milk, kale, cacao nibs, and agave if you want it (Juice Generation: Joyful Almond + Kale, Terri: Green Power). Now when I say these are amazing….they’re freaking delicious! I was a little skeptical at first because I am a true peanut butter lover however, after one sip I was hooked. I was determined to recreate this smoothie on my own with my new NutriBullet. Lets be real, spending $6-8 on a smoothie (just like my old Starbucks habit) starts to put a dent in your bank account.

Smoothies are one of my favorite ways to eat greens. Adding fresh spinach & kale to your smoothies is super easy and if you do it right, it’s basically tasteless. After grabbing most of the ingredients to make the smoothie (I left out agave & cacao nibs) it was time to rock & roll!

photo 2Ingredients:

  • frozen banan
  • almond butter (I prefer MaraNatha)
  • fresh baby kale or spinach
  • coconut milk (natural & unsweetened)
  • cinnamon
  • ice

Now blend it all up, might have to give it a shake a few times, and you’re good to go! These smoothies are SO easy to make and packed with nutrients. Test out some other ingredients but beware, not everything mixes well with almond butter!



Summer Must-haves

Let’s talk about the lack of sun here on the east coast….I am seriously so jealous of everyone back home soaking up the amazing sun and scorching heat. Is it so much to ask for more than ONE day of sun? I need a tan mother Earth! Anyways, as I sit over here as it rains, I came up with a list of summer must-haves in order for you to look cute, be safe, and stay hydrated the right way. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask any questions about styling tips a
Summer Must-haves

sneak peek…

Here’s a little preview of my new apartment decor! I love using books with bright colored covers and spines, I find myself taking off almost every book cover to find a gorgeous color underneath. The black Chanel box is actually from a perfume gift set and so fabulous I had to have it. So far I’m loving my little place, I can’t wait to share more! (please excuse the lighting situation, it’s been a transition to say the least)

_DSC0656 _DSC0652 _DSC0651



Decorating On A Budget

Decorating isn’t easy, especially when you have very expensive taste and a bank account that can’t accommodate. I suffer from this dilemma DAILY. If you have any sense of style whatsoever you know first hand that having an attractive apartment/house is crucial in this world. Some of us want everything in the latest Pottery Barn catalog, maybe Restoration Hardware, Safavieh or if you’re like me all of the above. But in all honesty we can’t always afford pieces from those stores. This brings me to that big blue and yellow warehouse we all know and have a love/hate relationship with: IKEA. Some of my other favorite places to find deals on home decor (online) include Etsy, Joss & Main, Rue La La, and Ballard Designs. My favorite stores to shop at are Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target. All of which have amazing deals and receive new merchandise almost daily.

I recently moved into a new apartment which has so much potential it’s dangerous! Exposed brick, hardwood floors, and big windows…need I say more? I slapped a fresh coat of off-white paint (Dove White to be exact) on all the walls which really opened the place up. Since I’m on this kick of “everything has to be white” I decided my main accent color will be pink with pops of color other places. When you’re decorating a space it’s important that you make it comfortable and functional. Play around with art, plants/flowers, books, vases etc and see how you like it. Remember, you have to live there!

Check out this little collage of my current purchases/wants:
  • The pillows I have listed below are an ikat print by Arianna Belle, she has some amazing color options and fun patterns too (a little pricey but great quality, $60)
  • Acrylic lamps are totally my thing, I usually buy mine at Home Goods
  • Being a firm believer in candles this one is a must! loveeee this Voluspa candle in Crane Flower from Anthropologie ($26)
  • My new flamingo is my most favorite thing ever! He is the perfect shade of pink and for $12 on Etsy I couldn’t be happier!
  • Kate Spade ‘Odds and Ends’ plate is perfect for jewelry ($40)
  • I found this great patterned rug on Joss & Main
  • KARLSTAD sofa from Ikea ($399)


Happy Easter!

ImageFINALLY we have a gorgeous spring day here on the east coast and what better way to spend it than with family and friends celebrating Easter! I was reminiscing on all of the fun Easter egg hunts, blowing up peeps in the microwave, riding in a tutu in an Easter parade, but one memory I can’t seem to stop thinking about was the year I spent Easter in Italy. 4 years ago I had the privilege of living in Italy for a little less than a year and I wish I could go back every day. One of my friends and her family invited me to their Easter celebration that year where I had the pleasure of experiencing new food and traditions that I hope to carry over to my own traditions someday. The amount of love and joy they put into their food makes it 10 times better than anything you will ever eat. So on this day, whether you’re religious or not, celebrate your family and friends while making new traditions.


Buona pasqua!

moving on up!

108c81f9b003f1c43b8318f421440e84Hello lovelies! My recent absence has been due to the fact that I just packed up my life in gorgeous California and moved to the chilly east coast! Recently finishing school I decided that I needed a change for a little while and to be honest, New York sounded like the perfect place. Being a city girl at heart I’ve always loved NYC. Growing up with parents spilt between two coasts I was able to fly back and fourth pretty frequently which is where my love for the city started. The people, the places, the hustle and bustle…I love it. So why not live a little?


Yesterday was quite an eventful day in the city. I had an interview at a company I would love to work for, I browsed some of the tiniest apartments I’ve ever seen, and I got to roam around in one of my favorite neighborhoods: Chelsea. Prepping for my interview was pretty stressful I’m not going to lie, especially because it’s a position I know I would rock at but prepping my outfit was even more stressful! For most of those who don’t know I am a hardcore fashionista and am proud of it. Unlike your typical girl who loves to shop and dress cute I actually appreciate clothes, shoes, accessories, and beauty products on a whole other level. With that being said, my new job will hopefully be fashion related. No I don’t want to be the next Lauren Conrad, even though her life is pretty great, but I would like to aspire to become a CEO or an editor. It’s time to live my dreams and start my life!

So, until my life ACTUALLY starts going (fingers crossed) I will be bringing you content from the eastern seaboard for a little while. I can’t wait to share my experiences, new discoveries, and monumental life moments!

xoxo n